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Have Flow Disruptions Damaged your Pumps?

If you shut a valve on the discharge of many other electric pumps, something is bound to break.  The ABEL EM with the nil-flow control system automatically allows the pump to stop under pressure for added safety and pump protection.

How can Dosing Technology improve your Pumping Process?

There is almost no pumping process which does not use "dosing"  in some way.  Dosing technology is used for the production of chemicals and products as well as for their economical and ecologically beneficial application in manufacturing industries. A significant number of users of dosing technology are waterworks and sewage treatment plants as well as public swimming pools water conditioning. The spreading of dosing technology to increase the quality and economic efficiency of processes requires more information and training on “dosing technology“ so that optimum results can be achieved.

Lutz Jesco America has published an 80 page guide that provides detailed information on the dosing process, including drawings, tables, and detailed explanations - "A Brief Introduction to Dosing Technology".  It explains the basic principles in a simple way with special attention given to installation of fittings/accessories that improve your end results.

Guide includes:

Properties of media

  • Solid, liquid and gaseous substances
  • Viscosity
  • Solutions, suspensions, emulsions, colloids, coagulation, peptization
  • Sedimentation, flotation, decantation
  • Abrasion
  • Aggressiveness
  • Degassing
  • Flow behaviour of bulk material
  • Burning and explosion behaviour
  • Density

Grundfos Pump Audit Finds Dramatic Savings for 38-Story Condo

A recent Pump audit conducted by Grundfos found multiple opportunties for savings  - eliminating $4500 annual maintenance, 97% power consumption, as well as reducing the noise levels that were troubling residents.  This case study provided by Grundfos covers the problem, the audit findings, and the solution that was implemented.

10 Reasons you need a Fybroc fiberglass pump

Fybroc was the first company to develop a fiberglass reinforced pump - in 1966 - and they have continued to focus on non-metallic pumps for 30 years.  It's their only business!  Here are 10 reasons for you to consider a Fybroc Fiberglass Pump for excellent corrosion resistance in tough applications like pumping of acids, brines, caustics, bleaches, solvents, seawater and a wide range of waste liquids.

Goulds Pumps adds ICO Open Impeller i-Frame ISO Process Pump

Meet Goulds Pumps' new ICO Open Impeller i-Frame Pump.  Challenging solids handling applications get a performance enhancement with this new addition to Goulds' ISO standard pump family.

The ICO pump with a semi open impeller is designed to handle chemical slurries, waste liquids, food & beverages and fibrous  pulp and paper. It is also well suited for air and gas handling applications.

The i-Frame pump is fully ISO2858 and ISO5199 compliant and available in 34 sizes. The ICO pump includes a patented Cyclone Seal Chamber, i-FRAME power end for improved service life, and the i-ALERT®2 equipment health monitoring sensor as standard.

Pumping Chocolate? Confectionaries? Corn Syrup? Here's the solution.

New Low-Tech, Leak-Free Chocolate Series Pumps

In the processing of chocolate and confectionery, special rotary positive displacement pumps are used to move the chocolate through each of the process steps, from milling cocoa beans to depositing, enrobing or panning.  Since the first pumps were used to move chocolate, people have struggled with how to keep it from leaking out along a pump’s shaft where it exits the casing.