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It's Goulds Pumps' 170th Anniversary!

ITT Inc.’s Goulds Pumps is celebrating their 170th anniversary this year.  Officially kicked off  on April 10, with the seventh-annual Pump Appreciation Day, a global event held to raise awareness of the value of pumps to modern manufacturing and products, and honor those that make them possible.

The history of Goulds Pumps’ innovation started in 1848 in Seneca Falls, New York when it produced its first water pump, made of wood and banded with metal. A year later, during the Gold Rush in California, the company produced the world’s first all-metal pump, a significant innovation that helped shape industrialization.

“Since then, Goulds Pumps has been developing engineered solutions that help our customers pump the most corrosive materials, monitor their rotating equipment and control their pumps, with the goal of improving efficiency and equipment total cost of ownership,” says David Malinas, president of ITT Industrial Process.

Several of these innovations are industry firsts including the extensive series of ANSI process pumps, XHD next generation slurry pump, VICR compact vertical multi-stage low flow pump and the i-ALERT® asset intelligence monitoring solution.

“We have been observing Pump Appreciation Day on the second Tuesday of April since 2012, to recognize the importance of pumps that are essential machines but unsung workers in running a plant. We also pay tribute to companies and their pump professionals who continuously look at ways to improve pump efficiencies and lower total cost of ownership," he said.

“We also take the opportunity to pay tribute to the people and organizations that design, manufacture, install and service them.  The men, women and organizations that help drive modern manufacturing forward,” he added.

This year, 14 organizations and their representatives will be presented with the Heart and Pulse of Industry Award. This award recognizes companies, plants and individuals whose operational excellence and use of pump technology advance plant processing, customer service and our overall way of life through improved reliability, efficiency and lower cost of ownership.

In addition to Pump Appreciation Day events and award programs, an online World of Pumps Quiz launched today that tests participants’ knowledge of the pump industry and its products through one question a week for the next 20 weeks. Last year’s quiz attracted close to 11,000 unique visitors from 90 countries.

Moyno EZStrip Progressing Cavity Pump Redesigned

Hayes Pump is pleased to feature the newest iteration of Moyno EZstrip maintain-in-place progressing cavity pump. Moyno redesigned the pump for even faster and easier maintenance. Here's what's new.

  • same patented split suction chamber
  • same pump performance
  • removed the tie bars
  • designed a new positive torque split coupling rod
  • added a captive support foot

NEW Priming-Assisted Centrifugal Pumps from Gorman-Rupp

Hayes Pump is pleased to announce a new line of cost-effective priming-assisted centrifugal pumps.

The Gorman-Rupp ValuPrime™ is a compact and powerful pump ideally suited for the dewatering needs of the construction, industrial, and agricultural markets. These pumps are ideal for floodwater/storm standby, general job site dewatering, river and dam bypass operations, dust control and for water and street department applications.

These pumps provide a high level of performance based on the proven technology of the Prime Aire® and Prime Aire Plus® models.  The new VPA Series™ pump line features:

Sandpiper Pumps Provide Superior Submersible Dewatering Solutions

Sandpiper offers several options for submersible pumps.  Watch the video to learn more.

The PortaPump® Submersible, Battery-Powered Pump operates using any 12-volt car or truck battery. It comes equipped with cables and battery clips. Extremely portable, the pump weighs only 33 pounds (15kg) and can fit through openings as small as 10" (25cm). Electrically safe and whisper quiet.

The SludgeMaster™ Submersible, Air-Powered Trash Pump handles mud, leaves, twigs, sand, sludge, trash-laden water and soft solids to 1½" (3.8cm). High capacity, low head. The pump weighs only 59 pounds (26kg), and can fit through an opening as small as 14" (35cm). Sturdy construction for rough handling and long life. Optional rock screen available.




Trash Pumps Eradicator system by Gorman Rupp

Need a better solution to prevent clogging in trash pumps? Gorman-Rupp's Eradicator™ Solids Management System for Super T Series® line of self-priming centrifugal trash pumps was developed just for demanding applications. It dramatically decreases service calls and overall maintenance costs and improves system uptime.

The trash pumps system consists of a new, patented lightweight inspection cover, an innovative back cover plate incorporating an obstruction free flow path, and an aggressive self-cleaning wear plate including laser cut notches and grooves, along with a revolutionary tooth designed to clear material from the eye of the impeller. Today’s “New Sewage,” sanitary wipes, plastic bags, feathers, hair, sludge and other clog prone material are easily handled by Eradicator.

For new Super T Series pump applications, a complete trash pumps unit are available in Gorman-Rupp Hard Iron and cast iron materials. Eradicator upgrade kits are available for existing Super T Series installations and will include all components needed to make an easy conversion in the field.

Viking Pump - Innovations for Oil & Gas Industry Pumps

Viking Pump oil & gas industry pumps lab expansion was featured as a cover story for the publication Pump Engineer.

Since 1911 Viking Pump’s products have been at the forefront of a variety of applications in multiple industries, from military to food & beverage. Pump Engineer spoke with Derrick Goddard, Interim President, and John Stillman, Distribution Business Line Leader, about the company’s recent USD $1.75 million lab expansion and their innovative product lines that are catered specifically for oil & gas industry pumps.

Hear about Viking Pump's future growth plans and investments in innovations by reading article here.

Hayes Pump specializes in industrial oil and gas pumps and looks forward to sharing Viking Pump advancements with our customers.