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Canned Motor vs. Magnetic Drive Pumps

Canned motors and magnetic drive pumps fall into the category of seal-less pumps. Seal-less pumps replace the conventional mechanical seal with a static containment shell. The advantage of such a system is that it ensures no fluid leakage. Hence, seal-less motors are the preferred choice when you need to pump fluids that should not leak out in the atmosphere.

Single Phase vs Three Phase Pump Configurations


When selecting a pump for your specific fluid transportation requirements, you’ll likely come across the terms single-phase and three-phase. These are nothing but power phases used by pumps for their operations. To understand which pump to select for your specific applications, let’s learn more about the two power configurations.

What Dual Voltage Ratings Mean for Pumps

Choosing a pump can be confusing if you are unaware of the different pump specifications and categorizations, specifically when it comes to ratings for different voltages (also known as dual voltage pumps).

i-Alert2 Pump Monitoring Success Stories

i-Alert Equipment Health Monitors - condition sensors, pressure sensors along with the new i-ALERT Gateway offer class-leading continuous machine monitoring of vibration and temperature with comprehensive wireless reporting.  With this system, you can:

Pump Systems for CBD and Hemp Products

CBD Oil extraction requires low temperature ethanol pumps.

Viking Pump offers 2 pumps that will meet the pressure and temperature requirements of  cold ethanol extraction.   Hayes Pump offers local support & service as an authorized Viking Pump service center.

Have Flow Disruptions Damaged your Pumps?

If you shut a valve on the discharge of many other electric pumps, something is bound to break.  The ABEL EM with the nil-flow control system automatically allows the pump to stop under pressure for added safety and pump protection.

10 Reasons you need a Fybroc fiberglass pump

Fybroc was the first company to develop a fiberglass reinforced pump - in 1966 - and they have continued to focus on non-metallic pumps for 30 years.  It's their only business!  Here are 10 reasons for you to consider a Fybroc Fiberglass Pump for excellent corrosion resistance in tough applications like pumping of acids, brines, caustics, bleaches, solvents, seawater and a wide range of waste liquids.

Case Study - Crushed Stone Plant Slurry Pumping Solution to last the Season.

Slurry Pumping Solution for the Aggregate Industry

In 2017, an operator of an aggregate plant in Quebec, Canada that produces crushed stone for concrete and construction contacted the local Goulds Pumps distributor. The original pump installed in their process was a rubber lined slurry pump. Unfortunately, this pump was failing after only 200 to 250 hours of operation, resulting in significant downtime, maintenance, and replacement parts costs. The pump manufacturer had not been able to improve the operating life.