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The Basics of Centrifugal Pump Curves

Look to any industry, private or public, that relies on the transfer of fluids, and it’s more than likely that those fluids will be delivered by a centrifugal pump. They are the backbone of any water distribution or wastewater collection and management system, as well as applications as diverse as flood and fire protection, drainage, irrigation, boiler feeds, and much more. Knowing the correct size pump for an application requires knowing the answer to one fundamental question: what is a pump curve?

Picking the Perfect Pump...for your Pumping Application | Hayes Pump

Choosing the correct Pump can mean the difference between consistent reliable operation versus downtime causing sometimes catastrophic consequences.  This article outlines the steps and the considerations for ensuring you pick the perfect pump for your application.  Special thanks to the original publisher, John Amundsen, District Manager at The Gorman–Rupp Company.