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Why Test Your Pump for Efficiency

Pumps and pumping systems are some of the most costly equipment used by water utilities and other large operations that transport water. Despite their importance, the actual parameters for pump performance are often largely unknown by anyone except the engineer who designed the pumping system. Even operators tend to see pump systems as an unknowable and unchangeable part of their work environment. Yet this seeming lack of knowledge regarding the most important tool in many fluid-transporting systems can sometimes become a real problem.

Guide to Preventive Pump System Maintenance

Many applications depend on pumps operating correctly, and, in certain cases, an unreliable pump can even cause catastrophic damage to a pumping system. For example, a pump in a cooling system that breaks down can cause overheating that then leads to system failure, while in systems that pump lubricants, this can result in the seizing of mechanical implements that then ruin equipment. In other cases, failed pumping mechanisms can cause significant loss in productivity, as would be the case in the petrochemical or energy industries.

Should You Replace or Repair Your Industrial Pump?

When something breaks down in any industry, inevitably, there will be a discussion on whether to replace or repair it. This is no different for any industrial equipment, including industrial pumps. Their repair or replacement depends on several variables, which should all be logically considered to determine the best course of action. Even if an engineer or mechanic can fix an industrial pump, economics ultimately must be considered in the equation. Though cost is critical, multiple other factors that play into the final cost also require consideration.