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Positive Displacement Pump Types Explained

Positive displacement pumps are the type of pumps that lift a specific fluid volume during each cycle of their operation. The pumping action of these pumps is cyclic in nature, usually driven by screws, pistons, rollers, gears, vanes, or diaphragms.

End-Suction vs Inline Pumps: Which To Use?

A pump moves fluid from one location to another. However, there are several types of pumps that you can use to meet your fluid transportation requirements. How do you choose the correct one? Usually, this is where the discussion between end-suction pumps and inline pumps begins.

Centrifugal Pump Types and Applications

Pumps play a vital role in the ways our world functions today. Industrial pumps, for example, are a part of most manufacturing processes. Commercial pumps ensure that office buildings remain functional for businesses. Similarly, municipal pumps provide fresh water for our cities and clear wastewater from our drainage systems.

How Do Pump Check Valves Work?

A pump check valve is a self-actuating, one-way or non-return valve. This automatic safety device allows fluids to flow freely in one direction. However, if the fluid flow is reversed, the valve will automatically close, thus protecting the connected piping and pump.

Single Phase vs Three Phase Pump Configurations


When selecting a pump for your specific fluid transportation requirements, you’ll likely come across the terms single-phase and three-phase. These are nothing but power phases used by pumps for their operations. To understand which pump to select for your specific applications, let’s learn more about the two power configurations.

Booster Pumps Explained

A booster pump is often recommended to increase water pressure to a desired level and improve its flow rate. They are also useful in applications where a single pump cannot deliver the desired service pressure and ensure that other pumps in the system do not cavitate. Let’s find out how booster pumps work and when to use these pumping devices.

What Dual Voltage Ratings Mean for Pumps

Choosing a pump can be confusing if you are unaware of the different pump specifications and categorizations, specifically when it comes to ratings for different voltages (also known as dual voltage pumps).