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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pump Distributor

There’s a vital role played by those involved in supply chains between manufacturers and end users. When it comes to the sale of pumps, distributors help provide quicker response times, offer value-added services, augment a pump manufacturer’s sales and otherwise aid with the logistics of getting their products to those who need them. Instead, pump distributors should be considered partners, with manufacturers building relationships that enable them to sell more of their products while helping to educate customers about them.

What Dual Voltage Ratings Mean for Pumps

Choosing a pump can be confusing if you are unaware of the different pump specifications and categorizations, specifically when it comes to ratings for different voltages (also known as dual voltage pumps).

Picking the Perfect Pump...for your Pumping Application | Hayes Pump

Choosing the correct Pump can mean the difference between consistent reliable operation versus downtime causing sometimes catastrophic consequences.  This article outlines the steps and the considerations for ensuring you pick the perfect pump for your application.  Special thanks to the original publisher, John Amundsen, District Manager at The Gorman–Rupp Company.