Have Flow Disruptions Damaged your Pumps?

If you shut a valve on the discharge of many other electric pumps, something is bound to break.  The ABEL EM with the nil-flow control system automatically allows the pump to stop under pressure for added safety and pump protection.

The ABEL EM nil-flow electric diaphragm pump is the go-to, energy efficient choice for difficult and abrasive duty. No air, no rotors, no clogging, no worries.

Energy and maintenance savings are immediate, often paying back your initial investment within months.

Abel-Electric-Diaphragm_PumpAdvantages of the ABEL EM

  • Clog-free and safe to run dry
  • Self-priming
  • Electric power gives you more control
  • High pumping pressures are possible
  • Safe separation of the pumped medium from the pump mechanism
  • Gentle transfer (low shear)
  • Energy-efficient conveying
  • Reliable overload protection
  • Safety & Pump Protection
  • No packing
  • No seals
  • Pumps up to 80% solids
  • Pumps gas and liquid combinations
  • Leak detection & liquid containment
  • No compressed air
  • 90% pumping efficiency
  • Simpler repair while still piped inline
  • No motor alignment during a repair



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Constant Flow

Air operated pumps slow down and eventually stall upon rising pressure. The ABEL EM with nil-flow control system maintains constant flow regardless of back pressure and can be controlled by the VFD. Flow can be varied or even safely stopped via an internal reference signal, regardless if the pressure spike is gradual or abrupt.

Controlled Pressure

A constant flow rate can be achieved up to 60 psi. The pressure limit and restart can be set individually by the plant operator. You are in complete control. You can’t get that from your air operated pump.

Best Pump Efficiency

Thanks to ABEL EM smart technology together with its highly efficient drive design, cost efficiency is up to 5 times greater than air operated pumps. And unlike gear, lobe and progressing cavity type pumps, ABEL EM pumps can’t slip. No more expensive rotor/ stator repair, no more inefficient flow.

ABEL EM flexibility permits controlled opening and closing of the discharge line allowing several tanks at different locations to be filled easily and at a constant flow rate.

Goodbye Compressed Air

Pump entirely without compressed air: Save money while maintaining control.


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