A Dozen Questions before considering non-OEM Pump Parts

parts_oem01The following pump parts checklist of question was developed by ITT Goulds Pumps and provided here for your convenience.  Before you buy non-OEM pump parts, ask yourself these questions.

  • Do the parts incorporate the latest design change in pressures or capacity or refinements made to improve pump operating efficiency, long life and safe operation?
  • Does the supplier offer total service by providing low volume as well as high volume replacement parts?
  • Does the supplier stock all of your part needs and can they ship within 24 hours?
  • Does the supplier offer a computerized system of recommended parts for new pump purchases that allows you to reduce inventory and lower costs based on your existing stores and pump population?
  • Does the supplier offer a choice of metallurgies for different applications?
  • Is the metallurgy truly the same as OEM parts?
  • Does the supplier have a stringent quality control program that assures uniform quality of each and every part? Including impeller and rotor balancing up to ISO G.1.0 capability?
  • Does the supplier have an on-going research and development program which provides continuing improvements in design, materials and construction?
  • Are the parts made from original engineering drawings or are they imprecise copies?
  • Does the supplier accept responsibility for the exacting tolerances that maintain the precise fits required to insure a pump's original high efficiency and long life?
  • Is the person interested only in selling parts or do they offer application expertise that can help solve pump problems?
  • Will use of the parts effect the manufacturer's pump warranty and increase product liability?

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